Networth Update – 06/2020 (June)

Welcome to the June Networth update! Networth increase of 6.8k, hummm nice progress!

June was an overall good month! We had our first wedding aniversary ! yeyy

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We have also started to see again some friends in local caffes with outside tables and proper care.

This was the month of receiving our vacation paychecks and our tax return. We also learned that our major Portuguese airline is in trouble and the state will bail them out witch means “Grandkids, be prepared to pay for this..”.

We are still looking for any good real estate deal since all forecasts point to a GDP crash of 10% in Portugal. Usually in crisis thats when the best deals are made.

June Summary:

1) Portfolio went up significantly (6%) . Lots of swings but going in the upright way!

2) Saved 74% of our income (7042.22€ / 9479.31€). Best month ever!

3) Projects. If you recall my last post i explained 5 3 side projects i was working on besides my regular job. I will be giving an update on those from time to time since this could have a big impact into our financial progress.

Project A – Implementing a solution end-to-end for health (video, triage, IOT and analystics). Progress: We should soon receive a RFP for our project. We have decided to do some POCs for free to get trackion on the solutions and also since one of the requirements of any RFP is usually number of customers.

Project B – with 1 partner doing a market analysis for implementing new player in the European market for the mobility + energy area. Progress: Project on hold until the Customer representatives come to Lisbon. Planned for September.

Project C – Consulting project for a major telecom player. Progress: First lead still in decision. Another 2 leads on the pipeline.

In the meantime i’ve decided to pick up another project about IoT and Domotics for a Rural turism in the north of Portugal. This was a speedy proposal since we (me and the partner that invited me) did it in 2 days. Lets see how it turns out! Some really nice solutions which if they make sense – and i will know this while implementing – they could potentialy be applied in the farm 🙂

4) IRS: Finally! We got 2 380,26 € as a tax refund.

5) P2P world.

5.1) Wisefund – New projects announced and according to the website interest replayment should start in the end of July.

5.2) Mintos – Nothing new…some people claim that interest is being paid but unfortunetly i have a lot still on hold in Monego and nothing got paid..

5.3) Monethera – still same. Nothing new.

5.4) – Full exit.

Now, coming to our monthly networth…


Our Networth value for April is 408 704.20€ ( 6 795,87)


Investment accounts

  • ETFs Portfolio: 28 415.87 € (+1 073.95)
  • Retirement Accounts (aka PPR): 14 186.87 € (+246.40)
  • Certificates Deposit + Emergency Fund: 140 313.45 € (+5 127.06
  • P2P Portfolio: 7 543.18 € (+ 0.86)
  • Total Investment accounts: 190 459.37 € ( +6 448.27)

Real Estate (Based on Market Values)

  • Primary Residency: 300 000 €
  • Farms: 70 000 €
  • Total Real Estate: 370 000€


  • Mr.Firecracker Car: 20 000 €
  • Mrs.Firecracker Car: 18 000 €
  • Scooter: 1 500 €
  • Total Cars: 39 500€ (=)

Total Assets: 599 959.37 € (+6 448.27)


  • Primary Residency: 191 255.17 € (-347.60)

Our Networth drilldown looks like this:

You can follow our Networth status always here

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