Here are our FI goals!

Get to our first Milestone of 480 000 € (lower end FI).

Get to our second Milestone of 600 000 € (confortable FI).

Check here our reviewed 2020 goals!

2020 (New!)


Savings rate at 30% (this amounts to saving ~1.4k per month). Update August: 40.26 % so far!

Optional – find a new property to invest – will depend on how the market behaves. We expect a downturn to start this year.

Increase networth in 10% (+39k) achieving 435k networth by 2021 – currently my forescast goes to ~5% (+22k) meaning 418k.


Remodel the farm houses – so that we can finally start spending some time there.

Finalize maintenance on the building we currently live (eg. Roof, facade)


Check here why this milestones.


Organizing monthly expenses (what goes where, when, etc)

Savings rate at 50% – failed. Managed to achieve 24%.

Sell Apartment 1

Change ETF portfolio


Get a new hobby – done. Actually more than one. Starting this blog, learning how to solder, home automation, etc.

Lose 10kg – failed